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provide a visual confirmation of the inputs and outputs that Scale2 will provide to the actors who will use the system. The context diagram is used to define the data flows into and out of the system and manage scope.

Part I: Post your context diagram with a brief discussion (approximately 200 words) explaining the actors and transactions of value that you have included. No scholarly citations are required. The diagram should be high level and shows the relationship between the system (Scale2) and the external entities.

1) Develop a context diagram for your project. Identify which transactions of value you are including and describe them in a few sentences to support your context diagram.

2) The purpose of a use case is to fill in the key functionality within the context diagram. Develop a new use case for at least one of the transactions of value from your context diagram. Submit a use case for Scale2, based on the template attached.

Part II instructions: Post your user stories in the single-sentence format described: As a < type of user >, I want < some goal > so that < some reason. Post your personas with a description and a picture to illustrate the nature of the person you are describing. No scholarly citations are required.

3) Explore the personas for key Scale2 actors and consider how they might use the system. Select one of the actors in the Scale2 case study (e.g., Bob or Chuck) and develop at least two user stories that could be implemented in an initial agile sprint.

4) Develop at least three personas for Scale2 actors. Be sure to include public domain photographs that allow the readers to picture the actor the persona is depicting. Provide some detail about the person’s background and daily life and their comfort level with technology. The persona should not be a narrated description of the person’s use of Scale2. Instead, it should provide enough insight that the development team can understand how the persona would be likely to react to the challenges of living that Scale2 will try to ameliorate.

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