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        Leadership requires certain qualities that separate leaders from others in the organization. These individuals possess the qualities before they attain the role. My current principle is an example of an individual that has these qualities. I’ve known him for over ten years. We started our teaching career at the same time. His qualities and abilities to provide leadership was evident from the start of our career. His upward trajectory was evident from our initial term as educators. His commitment to providing students the opportunity for success was evident from the start.

Principle Centered Leadership
The principles that he embodied were continually learning, service oriented, radiated positive energy, and an unwavering belief in other people. These qualities of leadership allowed him to move into a leadership role faster than most individuals. He continued his education process early in our career. His commitment to learning started early as he entered a master’s program in year two of our teaching career and attain his EDS before year six. His commitment to service showed early on as well as he was the head basketball coach and also assisted me as a football coach. He also served on several teams during his tenure as a teacher. He always exuded positive energy always serving as a motivator to other members on staff. His belief in other people remains intake today as he encouraged me to push forward and attain my next degree. His leadership qualities were evident from the start and continue to grow as his leadership has been stellar thus far.
Value Based Leadership
Value based leadership are leaders that add value to the organization. These individual have the ability to shine and be transformative in the current role. Their ability is only match by value to the organization. These leaders are transformational and can alter the way business is conducted. My current principal often brags about his numbers on standardized test as a classroom teacher because he still values the important role that teachers play in the learning process.
Transformational leaders that possess qualities that alter the way organizations are ran are rare. These leaders possess these qualities from the beginning. I witnessed my co worker grow into an excellent leader. The abilities that make him a great leader were evident when he was a classroom teacher. He motivates others to do their best and his commitment to learning is a strong as it was when we were freshman teachers trying to figure out our path, It is my honor to serve under his leadership and guidance,

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