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Probability and descriptive statistics are used all around us (think: life expectancy, batting averages, chances of rain, election results, sales, lottery tickets). Both give us an opportunity to analyze data and are especially useful for making decisions. Each of the following problems will assess your ability to use basic probability and descriptive statistics to solve real-world quantitative problems.
Note: This assignment does not require research, but if you choose to use information from a source, be sure to cite it. To help make sure you are properly citing your sources, please review the Strayer Writing Standards. When you have answered all parts of the assignment, save the template with your completed responses as a Word document titled: Your Name_ MAT110_Week_10_Assignment and submit it in Blackboard in Week 10.
Question 1
Both descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, and range) and probability (the likelihood that something will happen) can be useful in our academic, professional, and personal lives.
• Determine which of the two (descriptive statistics or probability) you find to be the most useful in your life and explain why using two (2) specific examples.

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