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In this module you have examined the different types of change management frameworks. Now read, Rethinking organizational change: Towards a conceptual framework from the required reading list. This study proposes a conceptual framework incorporating the macro environment (industry-level changes) with organization-level changes to help practitioners build a more balanced approach to change management.
With this approach, consider the macro environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Discuss the six models of managing change and which you think would work best in the KSA business environment and why?
Now consider an industry-level application based on a company in an industry that you are familiar with in the Kingdom.
Provide an overview of the company and share information about the organization’s mission, vision, values, industry, etc.
How could a macro level approach to change management, as offered by the authors, benefit this company?
Which of the six models would you use to support this macro/micro level analysis?

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