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Task 1

  1. Create your own “virtual” company (based on an existing one to make your work
    that much easier)
  2. Indicate the mission and the vision of your company v
  3. How would you describe your corporate culture
  4. How do you see your employees? (are they an asset, a cost…)
  5. How do you view performance in your company and how do you try and obtain
    maximum individual performance?
  6. Carry out an internal HR analysis of your company
  7. What workforce do you have currently? Identify hierarchy and
    communication/reporting order
  8. Job description /specification. Draw up one job spec for a mid-management position
    and a junior(administrative) position in the company)
  9. Use the 9 grid matrix to analyze your workforce and identify your talent and explain
    how you can help them “grow” within the organization or need to substitute the
  10. How are you going to retain your talent?
  11. What tools and platforms are you going to use to recruit new candidates/talent?

Task 2

Corporate strategy. You are focused on growing your company and have thus you are
increasing your product portfolio.

  1. What additional workforce do you believe you will require for the correct operation?
    (use your own criteria – analytical skills and critical thinking to identify what skills and
    abilities you require).
  2. Identify how this subsidiary is going to affect the workforce in your head office (do you
    need to establish new departments, recruit new staff, re-distribute present tasks and
    responsibilities of current staff …)

Task 3

After carrying out steps 1 and 2, the next critical step is to analyze HR challenges and
propose Strategic HR solutions for your organization. To correctly analyze your
organization, we recommend that you break down your analysis into the following fields:
a. Impact of national culture on organizational cultures (in general)
b. Global or external environment that you believe affects (short, medium, or long term,
the recruitment, and retention of staff)
c. Recruitment process (sourcing, selection, and onboarding)
d. Create a job spec for a junior management post in your company
e. Cultural intelligence – what does it mean for your company and how it is being
f. Leadership approaches (link this section also to your line managers)
g. People development (recognize and identify areas of development)
h. Performance management and Rewards and Incentives
The above fields will give you a great overview of your organization and areas that are
challenging due to culture/preparation (staff skills and abilities …)

Task 4

How are you going to use an ethical approach to your business. You can break it down into
sections such as:
Communication (remember “listening”)
Motivation (recognize the contribution and allow individuals to approach senior
management with ideas, proposals, concerns, etc, and address them if they do affect the
overall environment in the company.
Talent and recognition (family members). Open panel discussions. Ignore their recognized
skills and abilities, as most people have others that are not put into use. Discuss openly,
share ideas, opinions…..
Trust, respect, leadership, etc. Please do link to your corporate culture

NOTE: I am aware that not all may have access to key/strategic information. In this case,
you can either implement your own vision and goals as to how to manage the workforce,
how to implement new HR strategies, and new leadership approaches, or alternatively, you
can select a company of your choice.

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