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  1. Discuss your commitment to and/or experience in working with marginalized and oppressed populations. *
  2. Please review the NASW Code of Ethics and discuss what components you find most appealing. What do you think may be challenging for you as a professional social worker? *
    NASW Code of Ethics
  3. Please describe how you respond to constructive feedback and integrate suggestions and ideas into your performance. *
  4. What strengths do you have that will help you in your effort to both successfully complete a graduate degree in social work and be successful as a professional social worker? *
  5. How will you balance your personal interests and professional responsibilities with the time and effort that will be needed to complete your course work and field practicum in this program? Be specific in the description of your plans. *
  6. How are you preparing to help your family, friends, co-workers and others in your support circle understand what is needed to be successful in your program in terms of time commitment to your studies? *
  7. Please list any questions you may have about the MSW program at Northcentral University or about the field of social work. Any questions that you list here will be addressed during the required applicant interview with a MSW faculty member. (Please indicate NA if there are none) *
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