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Question 110 pts
Describe the various problems afflicting the Uniform Crime Reports

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Question 210 pts
Explain why it is possible to generate categorical variables from continuous data but not possible to obtain continuous data from categorical variables.

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Question 310 pts
Briefly explain the essential differences between bar charts and histograms.

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Question 410 pts
A professor has recently completed her grading for the final exam. The scores can be seen in the data set below. Unfortunately, the professor has noticed the mean is extremely low. She is perplexed because she was certain the class had performed extraordinarily well as there were several scores in the 90s and two perfect exams. Take a look at the grade distribution below, calculate the mean, examine the scores, and figure out why the mean was so low.

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Question 510 pts
What is the purpose of inferential statistics?

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Question 610 pts
Explain what is meant by ‘sampling error’.

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Question 710 pts
A researcher has a data set of homicides occurring in large Southern metropolitan areas consisting of 304 cases with a mean of 25.68 and a standard deviation of 11.26. The Professor has established α = .05. Calculate the resulting confidence interval for this set of data.

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Question 810 pts
Briefly explain the difference between a Type I and Type II error.

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Question 910 pts
Very briefly explain what is meant by the term ‘non-directional test.’

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Question 1010 pts
Explain why a researcher would opt for an ANOVA instead of a series of t-tests.

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