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Pick one (1) interest group whose agenda you like and one (1) you disagree with to research. Start by finding the homepage for each interest group on the internet. Conduct further web-based research to see what news sources have reported about the two interest groups, what some of their recent activities have been, which politicians they support, which politicians they oppose, and so on.

Important Reminder
Remember to put the work in your own words unless you’re directly quoting one of your sources. Copying and pasting someone else’s work is considered plagiarism and is unacceptable. Always provide sources where you got your information. The point of a project like this is to get you comfortable researching complex issues and making an argument using the work of experts to support your argument.
Assignment Instructions
With this project you’ll answer some essential questions as you organize your findings.
Respond to the items below:

  1. What’s the main agenda of the two (2) groups you researched?
  2. What role has each interest group played in American politics? Provide two (2) examples for each group.
  3. How influential are these interest groups? Support your response with one (1) supporting fact for each group.
  4. Why do you like or dislike them? Provide three (3) reasons why you like or dislike each group.
  5. Was there anything in your findings that surprised you? Provide one (1) finding that either surprised you or that may surprise other individuals.
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