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Need to research project which support SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. Please choose a location in the Global South and focus on how governments and public agencies issue green bonds. Be sure to identity the difference in monetary cost for the issuer when raising funds with regular bonds vs. green bonds.
You will be marked on:
60% content:
Is your draft complete & understandable? (20)
Is your draft focused on green finance examples/concepts? (20)
Did your drat meet the main goal of answering “How does the described government/public agency support the needs of present without compromising the needs of the future?” (20)
40% formatting:
Is your presentation formatting: as Requested (Proofread? /Consistent? /Containing more Images-Less Words?) (20)
Is the structure of your presentation’s writing mechanics, including APA references, correct? (20)

Chosen country is Malaysia
And need to write about: the difference between Regular Vs. Green bond of Malaysia
The monetary cost of regular cost vs. green bond of Malaysia
Malaysia is having Sukuk bond supported by world bank.
Need detailed information with all required numbers and comparisons.
Need to write about 2 to 3 pages with APA style references and intext citations.

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