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Write A Memo To Your CEO

Suppose your company is thinking about venturing into new uncharted territory. Write a memo to your CEO using the above reference to convince him whether or not to invest in that venture. The new ‘territory’ may be expanding the current product line into a foreign...

ELL Reading And Writing

Research shows that the development of reading and writing proficiencies are closely aligned and depend on many of the same skills. This can be particularly important for literacy development of ELLs. By taking advantage of this relationship, teachers can improve...


Imagine you are a manager of a work unit at a large hospital. One of your employees, John Doe, is a nurse who recently received several negative customer satisfaction survey responses that indicated that he: “Has no bedside manner”“Was rude and abrupt in his...

Research Article Summary

Post a brief summary of the research article you selected, including an identification of the treatment outcome model used in the study. Then explain how the study might have been affected and how the outcomes might have changed if one of the other treatment outcome...

Peer-reviewed research article

Describe the presenting problem(s).Identify a specific peer-reviewed research article and explain how it could inform understanding of the problem or population.Explain how power and privilege may influence the case (as it relates to gender, sexual orientation, race,...
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