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Paper instructions:
PLEASE read instructions carefully!

Instructions: Try reading actively in your textbook and handbook by looking for the information required for this assignment as you read. Type your 1-3 sentence response to each question below into the space directly following the question. You may need to cut and paste the questions into a new Word document before adding answers. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE INSTRUCTIONS, THE NUMBERING, OR THE QUESTIONS.

Textbook Chapter 4: The Toulmin Model

1. What are the 3 essential parts of the Toulmin model? Define them. You may provide a numbered list, but be sure to write in complete sentences.
2. After studying the “Sense of Community” advertisement in this chapter, answer the following questions:

o What is the claim?
o What are some examples of support?
o What are the warrants, and is there backing for these warrants?
o Is there a rebuttal?
o Do you find this ad convincing? Why or why not?

Textbook Chapter 5 (essays optional): Types of Claims

3. What are the five types of claims? Briefly describe each of the types.You may provide a numbered list, but be sure to write in complete sentences.

4. After reading “High Tech Cheating Abounds, and Professors are Partly to Blame,” answer the following questions concerning “Claims of Cause”:

? What is “high tech cheating?” How are professors partly to blame?

? What factual data does the author provide?

? Does the author incorporate analogies? If so, cite an example.

? Is the cause and effect strategy utilized? If so, explain how the author uses this strategy here.
5. Brainstorm about an idea for an essay you may write using the Toulmin model. What would be your (1) claim, your (2) support, and your (3) warrant? You may provide a numbered list, but be sure to write in complete sentences.

Handbook, Chapter 6: Agreement

6. Highlight in yellow the sentences in which the subjects and verbs DO NOT agree. Highlight in green the sentences in which the subjects and their modifying pronouns DO NOT agree. Rewrite the sentences correctly.

The list of guests grow longer every day.

The students forgot their assignments.

When a student forgets their assignment, they lose points.

A group of children is crossing the street.

Everyone worries that someone will steal their car.

I would like for everyone to have their assignments in on time.
Handbook, Chapters 20 & 21: Exactness & Conciseness

7. According to your handbook, what is “accuracy,” and how is it essential to strong writing?

8. Define the following: (1) a general word, (2) a specific word, and (3) a concrete word. Cite an example of each.

9. According to your handbook, what is “redundancy,” and how does it weaken writing?

10. Rewrite the following sentences by omitting unnecessary words and substituting concise language. Remember not to change the meaning or go beyond one sentence.

The Cowboys played a football game against the team called the Raiders.

Women should be cautious while walking alone at night at all times.

The little girl spoke in a low and hard-to-hear voice.

It looked to me as if the bridge could be dangerous because it might not be safe.

I couldn’t understand her response to my paper because of the illegible handwriting that could not be read.

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