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the Statement of Purpose For PHD admission

Order Description

I need a statement of Purpose For PHD admission, I will give you some information from my CV to help you in who I am ? and what is RESEARCH INTERESTS :

Personal Details
Name: Fatimah Ahmad Alzahrani
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
DOB: 06/ 14/ 2014
Marital status: Single
Bachelor major: social work
Master major: sociology

Skills Base
1) Work effectively both as team member and independently.
2) Excellent communication and IT skills (Microsoft Office – word, excel, access and power point).
3) Enthusiastic and committed.
4) High skill in monitoring and forecasting.
5) Capacity in the management discussion and dialogue fluently.
6) Languages: Arabic and English.
8) Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires.
9) Analyzing the data through the SPSS Program.
10) Creating a digital storytelling, teaching sociology with video clips, visualizing data and cartoon animation.

1) In 2008, I worked as a social worker in the intermediate school for 128 Hrs. In Mecca at Saudi Arabia.
2) In 2008, oversaw the cases of children with Down syndrome and autism in Day Care Center for 96 Hrs. In Mecca at Saudi Arabia.
3) In 2009, I contribute as one of the organizers of the world diabetes day conference in Bakhsh Hospital In Mecca at Saudi Arabia.
4) In 2009, I worked as a social worker in Bakhsh Hospital for 144 Hrs. In Mecca at Saudi Arabia.
5) In 2010, I worked as secretary in commission of the Social Protection Against the Domestic Violence for 180 Hrs. In Mecca at Saudi Arabia.
6) In 2010, I worked as Social Worker for disability students for 160 Hrs. In Umm Alqura University at Mecca.
7) In 2014, I got the First Aid CPR AED License from American Heart Association in San Antonio, TX.


1) Sociology in Gender
2) Sociology in religion
3) Social inequalities
4) Classes and stratification


1) Thesis project: Gender Ideology among US Muslims: The Effects of Religiosity, SES, and Acculturation: This study addresses two main research questions: (1) to what

extent do Muslims in the United States hold traditionalist gender ideologies? (2) What are the primary correlates or predictors of gender ideologies among US Muslims,

and to what extent are they similar to the social sources of gender ideologies in the Judeo-Christian (majority) population in the United States?

2) Independent study: Does Religion Moderate the Association between Discrimination and Happiness among U.S. Muslims? (Co-author Christopher G. Ellison):
We examine the effects of discrimination experiences in the post-9/11 context on personal happiness, with particular attention to the role of religious practice (e.g.,

mosque attendance, frequency of Salah [prayer]), religious belief and exclusivism, and Muslim network homogeneity as moderators of the deleterious impact of

discrimination stress. All models will control for demographic characteristics, nativity status and acculturation. Results will be discussed in terms of (a) the

religion-health literature, (b) the role of religion among immigrant and cultural minority communities, and (c) the evolving position of Islam within the contemporary

U.S. context.

3) Social Movement Theories and the Emergence of Kharjities and Mu’tazilities in the Islamic World (Co-author: Noor Bitar): We explored the emergence of these first

extremist groups under the theories of social movements through the Breakdown theory and Resource Mobilization. The research looked at the coming of Islam, stages of

Islamic succession and the development of these two groups and their movements.

4) How Cartoons Express Ideology: This paper examines how cartoons are used to articulate ideologies in a humorous but sarcastic manner. In doing so, the paper starts

by defining the concept of ideology. It then proceeds to explain how cartoons combine humor and sarcasm to communicate ideology. The paper also includes a case study

of how cartoons are used to express ideology and the extent to which such a seemingly simple form of art can be a highly controversial matter.

5) Cartoon as Comedic Art: This paper searches the fundamental use of cartoons as art and how this art form can be used to communicate the social and political issues

that occur in the United States of America. Since art has been described as being “an ideological activity and ideological product” (Wolff, 1981:55) there is a need to

focuses on how this simple comedic art form has the power to change a social and political system. At the end there is a study that shows men and women’s views about

the cartoon as a hidden force that changes and reflects society systems.

6) The feminist theories and domination of women: It is a theoretical paper that viewing the Women domination in the United States as a current phenomenon that has

raised a lot of debate among scholars. Various articles have highlighted that women not only in the United States are dominating every area, both in the job education

among others. This issue had been analyzed from the feminism theory point of view Jackson and Jones (1998) reports that feminist theory analyses conditions that shapes

the lives of women, and also explore other cultural understanding of what to be a woman (Sohn, 2011).


1) Presenting a paper in the Southern Sociological Society Conference in New Orleans under the title “ Gender Ideology among US Muslims: The Effects of Religiosity,

SES, and Acculturation” in March 25-28 2015.
2) Presenting a paper in Southwestern Social Science Association in Denver, Colorado. Under the title


I am seeking to publish two papers after generalizing the results in next few months. The papers are 1) Gender Ideology among US Muslims: The Effects of Religiosity,

SES, and Acculturation. 2) Does Religion Moderate the Association between Discrimination and Happiness among U.S. Muslims? (Co-author Christopher G. Ellison).

Additional information
• I am graduated in my bachelor degree 2009 with second-class honors from Umm Alqura University at Mecca.
• I am still study my master degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) I will graduate in May 2015.

• I am working in Muslim Americans: No Signs of Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism database as a secondary data for my researches in my thesis and

independent study.

• My current GPA is 3.20, there are 15 credits left non-grade in my study program to finish in Spring 2015.

• The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) will cover all my tuitions fees.


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