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The Social Construction of a Welfare Mother

Project description
Research Review
Grading Rubric

Students will read the research article, Social Construction of a Welfare Mother which is posted on Carmen and provide a review of the research. Reviews should be 3-4 pages in length. The paper is expected to be in APA format, and points will be deducted if not done properly. One to two pages should provide a brief summary of the researchers hypotheses, sample, method, and results. Proper in-text citation is needed when referring to ideas other than your own. Students will then discuss how the Double ABCX model of stress could be applied to the research. For example, how does the research focus on the A, B, C, or other components of the model? Are there any components of the model that are not addressed within the paper? How can the Double-ABC-X Model be applied to the results of the study? How might future work be done using the other components of the model? Consult the rubric for additional clarification. Students are required to upload a copy of the paper to the appropriate Carmen dropbox by the time of class on the due date.

Proper APA Formatting: 5 points

This includes but is not limited to the following: Times New Roman, size 12 font, 1 margins, double-spaced, proper in-text citations, reference page, title page, running head, etc. If you take DIRECT quotes from the source, make sure that they are properly cited and placed in quotations. Remember, ANYTHING that includes information that is not your own and original needs to be cited in-text. This allows the reader to know the origin of the information. If this is not done properly, then it could count as plagiarism.

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HINT: Students will use information from both the textbook Families & Change as well as the Social Construction of a Welfare Mother. Both of these sources must be included in the reference page and appropriately cited throughout the review for full credit.

Hypotheses 5
How Many Hypotheses were there?
Use your own words to describe these hypotheses.
Sample 5
Number of participants, demographics
Methods 5
How were the data collected?
What did they find in relation to the hypotheses presented?
Practical Application 15
Double ABC-X Model & its application to research. Identify each component (A, B, C, X, Aa, Bb, Cc, coping, adaptation, bonadaptation, and maladaptation). If you think there are components missing, explaining what those are and how they are missing.
Discussion of the Results5
Discuss what the results mean in terms of the Double ABC-X Model. What components of the model did the results address?
Future Research5
What type of research can be conducted to address other components of the model? What would be the significance of the proposed research?


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