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The Missed Promotion Exercise

The Missed Promotion Exercise
In managing others, human perception, attitudes and motivation are of great importance. One important OB issue spanning these dimensions is the concept of “perceived fairness” in the workplace.
Fairness is such a common phenomenon in organizations that most leaders/ managers typically give it little thought. If an employee says the vacation/ leave, or other policy, isn’t fair, he or she might get some attention. But what seems fair to one person may not seem fair to another. Part of the reason for this discrepancy is that people use different rules for deciding what is fair. Collectively these rules are called “Organizational Justice” and there are 3 types of Justice:
•    Distributive Justice – people decide what is fair based on results and outcomes that are fair to everyone
•    Procedural Justice – people decide what is fair based on the methods or procedures that are perceived as being fair to everyone
•    Interactional Justice – people decide what is fair based on the way people are treated that is seen as being fair to everyone
1.    In this module, we will be exploring the question of Justice through a modified role play involving a missed promotion. During week one, we will be dividing into two groups. You will be asked to read some instructions on the exercise for one or the other group. Please avoid the temptation of reading the instructions for both roles. Your ability to successfully complete the role play will be severely compromised if you do. If you are curious, you can always go back at the end of the module and read the other’s instructions! This exercise is modified from Caza, A., Caza, B.B., & Lind, E.A. (2010). The missed promotion: An exercise demonstrating the importance of organizational justice. Journal of Management Education, first published on October 1, 2010 doi:10.1177/1052562910381875
Read the Manager Scenario in the attachment

Read the instructions and jot down your answers to the questions. Keep these notes, and attach them to your first post in the Discussion.  (After you post, click “Edit”, and scroll down to “Attach a file”. (15 minutes)
1.    This week’s discussion will be a meeting between members of both parties. First, identify your role.  Stay in your role and using the answers to the questions you prepared above, present your case to the other “side” and try to accomplish the goal you have set out in step one. You will want to return to the discussion at least twice during the week to respond to someone who is playing the other role, and see how others have responded to your arguments.  Make additional points if necessary to clarify your position or further your argument

The Missed Promotion Exercise

Now read the following post-role-play reflection, jot down your answers to the questions, and fill in the table. You will attach this table to your first post as you did in week one above.

In the discussion this week, you will post comments responding to the following questions
a.  Describe what happened when you tried to discuss the promotion with the other side, from your perspective. Was it successful?
b.  Were you more concerned with distributive, procedural or interactional justice?
c.  What attitudes or behaviors lead you to this conclusion?
d.  Do managers and employees tend to emphasize different aspects of justice? How does that influence perceptions of fairness?
e. How can perceptions of justice affect motivation and job satisfaction (topics covered in this module)?
f.  What are the implications of what you have learned from this exercise for your future actions as a manager or a leader in your organization?


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