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The Garland School of Social Work is seeking students who have a desire to make a lasting impact and have demonstrated potential for success in graduate studies. As part of your MSW application, you are required to submit essay responses for each of the prompts below. These essays are an opportunity to highlight your strengths and motivation for pursuing social work. Please note, each essay response should be no more than 3,000 characters.

The application will consider any text entered as a response. We strongly recommend that you save your responses in an external document in case of technical difficulties. Any information lost or not saved cannot be recovered.

1)Social Work Profession Essay
In your own words, explain your understanding of the social work profession.
Describe the personal characteristics that equip you for this field.
Thoroughly outline the professional and personal experiences that have inspired you to pursue social work.

2)Advocating for Others Essay
The field of social work is about recognizing social injustices and working to eliminate barriers often faced by underrepresented populations.

Describe your experiences with recognizing social injustice.
Describe how a graduate degree in social work can help equip you to eliminate these barriers.

3) Mission Statement Essay
The Diana R. Garland School of Social Work is dedicated to producing alumni who are influencing the social welfare of people, families, and communities through service and leadership by ethically integrating faith with practice.

Describe what this statement means to you.
Describe how Baylor’s program will influence you as a practitioner.

4) Societal Issue Essay
Describe a societal issue.
Address the following questions in your response:
Why does this issue deserve public action and resources?
How has society contributed to this issue?
Describe how social workers can take action to address the issue and how you might take an active leadership role.
Include any personal experiences which have contributed to your understanding of this issue.
Provide at least one source supporting this issue.

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