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In one of your information-gathering lunches with Informational Systems staff, you encounter an issue that you have seen while working with other organizations: communication.

One individual complains about the daily mountain of emails she receives, with roughly half having nothing to do with her job. Another employee calls out the new team-sharing platform and the constant barrage of chats flowing in on the company’s team messaging platform. A sales employee likes to text message his teammates to prepare for important customer-facing meetings, but doesn’t like texts from his manager over the weekend. And, an individual from customer service appreciates video conferencing with her team, but doesn’t relish the 9 p.m. meeting times to accommodate employees based internationally.

Your Task
Consider the digital communication platforms and tools discussed in this module. What strategies and tools do you believe are most effective for formal communication between senior management and employees? Which tools do you believe are best for team interaction? What strategy would you suggest for communication between departments and across geographical sites? Please explain your reasoning in terms of communication effectiveness, speed, and employee engagement.

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