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Think about something you believe you can teach to an adult. It can be anything at all. Examples range from baking bread to learning about a particular religion or culture to playing golf to painting a bowl of fruit to teaching someone to converse a bit in a new language. First write an introductory paragraph about what you have selected to teach. Feel free to ask your instructor if you are uncertain about your choice. If possible, practice with a friend or family member who agrees to be the learner. If your friend knows his or her mode of learning, all the better! You can give them the assessment to help them figure it out. Now develop 3 different plans to teach that information and/or skill. In the first plan, you are teaching to an auditory learner. In the second plan, you are teaching a visual learner, and in the third plan, you are teaching a kinesthetic learner. Write 2 or more paragraphs describing your teaching plan for each type of learning (totaling 6 or more paragraphs). Then write 2 or more paragraphs explaining how your own learning style influences how you might teach. Explain any challenges developing strategies for those with your learning style and those with a different learning style. Finally, write a conclusion explaining how this assignment might help you with study strategies. Your headings should be:
Introduction (what you would teach)
Teaching the auditory learner
Teaching the visual learner
Teaching the kinesthetic learner
The influence of my learning style


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