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Sustainability in Global Business

– Scenario Planning Project

Project description
The project should be on the topic of Aviation and should:

– formulate the rationale for a future business scenario set 40 years ahead following the trends, predictions and guidelines already in place from the EU, UN and several organisations who have already in place their vision for 2050

– prioritise the major challenges in terms of environmental risks and socio-political issues that pose a direct risk to the company and its community, based on research into current socio-economic, political, legal and environmental factors affecting the business

include a logical argumentation for how the business will adapt to the identified environmental limitations and the main socio-political issues

– develop a strategy for sustainable innovation that will provide value creation and competitive advantage.

Additionally, you should research existing industry standards and country/government laws and regulations to understand how these affect business decisions in terms of sustainability and how business leaders and global corporations (such as Unilever and Volkswagen) are planning for 2050. The aim is to demonstrate understanding of the complex issues, risks and opportunities business face and apply the appropriate knowledge, as well as creative and entrepreneurial thinking to reach convincing solutions for a sustainable global business. Through this project students are expected to document their rationale using credible sources and bibliography based both on key readings on the module as well as in their individual research. Please bear in mind that the assessment consists in the development of a Project that can be presented in the format of a Business Plan, but NOT as an essay, NOR as a report. A project must include a detailed description of the current situation, but the main aim is to provide a set of realistic recommendations, fully supported by the most relevant theoretical frameworks and models (e.g. existing standards, indexes or policies) and perceived future trends. A project is forward thinking and is basically a fully justified action plan for the near future: as such, a Project cannot have a Conclusion – only once the plan starts to be implemented can we monitor and assess, draw conclusions and restructure the plan or proceed to further developments. Therefore, you can include Final/Concluding remarks, but not a real conclusion.


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