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  1. What is the issue in the case study?
  2. Darrell Jackson stated, “How exactly do you think more testing is going to end racism for our students? How is testing going to help our kids? Let’s be honest, we went from literacy polls tests to standardized testing somehow; it absolutely makes no sense. Testing is just another part of the racist society we live in.” (Wilson & Hastings) What can schools do to alleviate Mr. Jackson’s opinion about testing?
    3.“Lewin and her staff had certainly spent a fair amount of time thinking about the tests: analyzing data, strategizing on ways to improve their performance, and also how to target interventions to students who might be able to move from the ‘less than proficient’ level to ‘proficient.’” (Wilson & Hastings) Based on Chapter 2 which model(s) do you believe are missing that prevent students from performing well on standardized tests?
    4.What makes this case study relevant to this week’s reading? List 3 connections that you found with the case study and Chapter 2.
  3. According to Creswell and Roth (2018), “Case studies often end with conclusions formed by the researcher about the overall meaning delivering from the case(s).” Imagine you were the researcher for this case, what conclusions have you formed about the issue?
  4. What has Principal Lewin done to gain more knowledge about the issue? Do you agree or disagree with her actions? Why or why not?
  5. If you were Principal Lewin, how would address the concerns when teachers and parents stopped by your office? (Write a 3-5 sentence paragraph of what you would say to teachers and parents.) Please use this ARTICLE!!!! https://www.justiceinschools.org/files/playpen/files/opting_out_full_length_case_-_formatted.pdf
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