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Topic: Social Worker Child Protection Act Critique

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Maximum Essay Length: 2,250 words
Critique of child protection legislation

Critique of the South Australia Children’s Protection Act 1993, Part 1 Preliminary


As social workers — and not as lawyers or of any of other profession –, write a critical reflection on the children’s protection act, concentrating on Part 1 Preliminary of the South Australia Children’s Protection Act 1993.
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the section. End your essay with recommendations.
Here are some notes I took from the topic coordinator on this assignment.
We are to write a critical reflection of Part one of the act primarily – points 4, 5, and 6.
we are to identify strengths and weaknesses and possible recommendations.
We are to approach the assignment as a social worker – so how do you understand the act as a social worker?
What are the things that strike you? Use your resources to begin to understand what this act means to you. Use research to back up why and what justifies what you think is important.
other things to think about – how do you navigate through different opinions of others “best interest of the child”? Your opinion as a social worker needs to be informed by research etc. Check who writes it, are they reputable? is it valid?
How should we understand as a social worker what the best interest of the child is? Psychosocial development as one of the best interests of the child – why is that?
Culture, religion, family etc?
examples are used to make a point clear, not to prove a point.
Quotes – 4-5 lines or more must be indented. Footnotes harvard or APA.

Presentation of Assignments
The following format should be observed:
• The essay word limit MUST be strictly observed. Markers will not read beyond 10% word excess of the assignments
• work should be well presented and accurately referenced
• papers MUST be correctly referenced using the Harvard (in-text) or APA referencing systems
• papers should demonstrate wide reading within the fields of social policy and community development
• papers should be written in a readable style with good syntax and spelling. Headings are encouraged and dot points can be used as required
• papers should be well structured with an introduction, a logical argument, development of the argument, supported by references from the literature, and appropriate sub sections and a conclusion
• papers MUST be analytical and not merely descriptive
• assignments should be double spaced with 2 cm margins
• please keep a copy of your assignment
• the faculty requirements regarding plagiarism MUST be observed
• papers must be submitted on line on the required date


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