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Science Research Methodologies

Assignment : Journal article analysis

Why have you been given this assignment?

During your study, and in the future being a practicing radiographer, you are required to gather, evaluate, criticize and analyze journal articles. In order to successfully complete these tasks, you must begin with the identification of the right type of journal articles.

This assignment has been designed so that you can learn to identify and compare the nature of different types of journal article in health and medical disciplines. This assignment will also help you develop your written communication skills.

Once completed, this assignment will inform a sounded knowledge of the common types of journal articles in health and medical disciplines. The skill can be translated directly into your future study and career.

This assignment relates to the following unit learning outcomes:

•    Critically review, consolidate and synthesise existing scientific knowledge from a range of sources to develop coherent and logical arguments.
•    Professionally communicate scientific knowledge to a professional audience using a variety of modes.

Assignment overview:

In this assignment you will identify 3 types of journal article which related to a topic. You will then evaluate their contribution to the topic and comment on their similarities and differences. You will be asked to discuss what you have learnt through this exercise and how you see it will contribute to your future study and career.

Assignment instructions:

1.   Identify 3 types of journal articles on a topic. E.g. an original study, a review article, a case study, etc.
Write 1 page on how and why they are chosen; Identify the types of article they belong to and how you confirm them.
2.   What are the similarities and differences of the articles in the contribution to the topic (2 pages)
3.   What have you learnt by going through the search and analysis? How the experiences contribute to your future research project/ CPD? (1 page)
4.   Total 4 pages, no more than 2000 words
5.   Writing skill and referencing skill will be assessed


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