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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Hello there, please help me pass this course ? To be honest this is a Resit, so I’m already C capped. I don’t need anything crazy, just a passing grade…

PROMPT: Discuss how psychoanalytical vs social learning models of understanding individual differences have been applied in understanding the development of gender identity. Compare and contrast the two theoretical perspectives and review available research evidence for each side.

You need to produce and submit a 1,800-word critical review summary paper presenting the two perspectives and synthesizing available research evidence, pointing out controversies in the literature and commenting on the empirical validity of each theory.


  • You will perform a search in the library or remotely through remote library access (e.g., PsycINFO, Google Scholar, PubMed) to identify at least 10-15 quantitative/qualitative research articles (i.e., case studies, correlational studies, experimental studies) that bear on your topic. Strictly theoretical articles are welcome as additional material.
  • Your paper should rely on primary sources (journal articles, chapters in edited volumes) and not secondary sources. Chapters in edited books are usually primary sources (reprints of journal articles).
  • You should write the paper in your own words, taking the ideas in the articles and expressing them as you understand them. You will provide a citation for the article from which those ideas came.
  • Use direct quotes only if the way the author expressed the idea is so important that you cannot possibly change it and maintain the integrity of the idea. When you do include direct quotes, make sure that each quote has a single citation identifying the source, and a page number.
  • Consult the APA Publication manual for details.
  • Your paper should have a cover page, an abstract, your review of your topic, including at least 10-15 references of research articles, and a reference list, all in APA format. Edit and proof read it carefully. Do not use subheadings in your essay.

You will need to name your files as following:

Lambrou. Critical review

Word limit and Penalisation

  • The word limit for the critical review paper is 1,800 words (title page, abstract, and references excluded). Papers with a deviation of 10% will not get penalized.
  • Material written after/beyond the 10% deviation above the expected total length of coursework will NOT be read, and thus assessed, by the first and second grader. As a result, this will directly affect the points earned for assessed area(s) corresponding to this material.
  • When work is under word limit, consequently the content is limited and this will be reflected in points earned. If all the assessed areas are underdeveloped, this will accordingly affect the points earned for all assessed areas. Alternatively weak/poor content might impact specific assessed areas. Thus, overall grade will indicate the extent to which the content is incomplete/ inadequate.
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