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Your department has been involved in several high-profile use of force incidents that have resulted in community unrest. You have been tasked with improving your department’s use of force policy.

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) has researched and recommended 30 Guiding Principles for use of force policies. From this list, identify the five principles that you believe are most vital to restore the community’s faith in its police department. Review Chapters 10 and 14 from your Community Policing Today: Issues, Controversies, and Innovations text for additional information.

Complete a 5–7 page report in which you:

Identify five guiding principles that will most effectively update your use of force policy.
Detail the steps necessary to incorporate each selected principle into current organizational operations.
Include details of what would be needed for each principle, such as training, equipment, or policy oversight.
Explain how you will communicate these changes to the community.
Suggest 2–3 specific methods to communicate results of these changes to the community.

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