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Read the Case Study “Parrot Heads Unite!” on page 519 of your textbook. Then answer the questions at the end of the case. Incorporate at least two outside sources into your answers and properly reference them in text and in a references section at the end of your paper. Use the Case Study Guide in Doc Sharing. The paper must be written in APA format.


Are you a Parrot Head? If you don’t know what that is, then you definitely are not. Jimmy Buffett fans all over the world proudly refer to themselves by this name. In many respects, they represent one of the most dedicated fan bases anywhere. Why the name Parrot Head? In a 1985 concert, a member of the Eagles looked at the audience members with their bright Hawaiian shirts. He announced that they “looked like Deadheads in tropical suits. They’re like Parrot Heads.”

Some critics think Jimmy Buffett’s career peaked in the late 1970s, though between 1978 and 2006 he released eight gold, six platinum, and three multiplatinum records. During this period he gained a reputation for his concerts, wrote five best sellers, and opened a chain of restaurants. Walmart sells Margaritaville salsa and Target carries Margaritaville calamari.

Buffett fans gather by the thousands at concerts. A Buffett concert is like a beach party, with fans decked out in Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats. But the concert itself is only part of the event. Fans get to know each other year after year at tailgate parties. So many people party before Buffett concerts, in fact, that many venues charge admission now just to get into the tailgating area.

How die-hard are Buffett fans? Consider that many plan regular vacations around a Buffett concert (some have racked up dozens) or special trips to visit Buffett-themed restaurants in Caribbean destinations. Houses, boats, and RVs decked out in tropical Buffet décor are not uncommon, and there have been a good number of Parrot Head–themed weddings.

Buffett fans come from all walks of life, age groups, and occupations; they typically cite “escapism” as a reason for their devotion. But Parrot Heads do much more than just “wasting away again in Margaritaville.” Many spend their free time as volunteers at blood drives, raise thousands of dollars to grant the wishes of sick kids, or build houses for the needy. Parrot Heads in Paradise, a group of fans with more than 220 chapters, has donated more than $10 million to charity.

Buffett’s management recognizes the charitable efforts of the Buffett community. Parrot Head clubs get a certain number of tickets allocated to them. Members still have to pay for them, but they get first dibs on the best seats depending on how many Parrot Points (doled out to members when they participate in charitable or volunteer efforts) they earn. As tickets have become harder and harder to obtain, this is indeed a welcome bonus.
How can we consider Jimmy Buffett fans as members of a reference group? A brand community?

Refer to your responses to question 1. What kind of opportunities does the existence of the Buffett community present to marketers? Develop a list of specific marketing and promotional tactics.

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