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Organisational behaviour

Order Description

1. Explain why organizations need an awareness of their environment? (500 words in Length)

2. Describe how an understanding of motivation theory contributes to leader effectiveness? (500 words in Length)

3. Explain why it is theoretically and practically useful to separate leadership and management? Include in your explanation how this separation contributes to effective organizational functioning? Illustrate your key arguments with organizationally based examples. (1500 WORDS)

critical thinking is necessary in this work;

Ability to look at theory and bring to apply to real situation;
Please give some examples.

Please use 10-15 references.
Please use some of journals:
Harvard Business Review
Academy of Management Review
Organization Studies
Journal of Small Business Management
Journal of International Business Studies
Strategic Management Journal

Newspaper, Magazines, TV, etc.

FT, Times and Sunday Times, The Economist, Fortune, Bloomberg.

The Business Open Learning Arc

FT, Times and Sunday Times, The Economist, Fortune, Bloomberg.

The Business Open Learning Archive is a useful source of information on management and related topics.

This module is designed to help you explore the main theories of management, management functions and the key issues affecting contemporary managers. Whatever module or programme of study you are undertaking at Brunel University, there are learning outcomes you must achieve in order to be awarded the necessary credits which comprise the module and programme of study. In order to get A, B, C, D, E, F grade in this module, you must meet the criteria outlined below in the learning outcomes; that are, you must provide evidence of an ability to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas:

1. Demonstrate understanding and the ability to critique the various theories of leadership and management and appreciate the contemporary issues facing leaders and managers.
2. Demonstrate understanding of the key functions of leadership and management and their application.
3. Critically evaluate characteristics of effective management and how this differentiates from leadership. Discuss and assess relative strengths and limitations of key approaches to developing leaders and managers in organizations.
4. Demonstrate cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, including the capability to identify and critically evaluate theoretical and practical assumptions, evaluate empirical evidence, define terms and subjects of enquiry adequately, generalize appropriately and analyse data.


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