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The topic of this thesis paper is to explore the possibility of “nature working in harmony with architecture”

The exact question is “How can we see architecture as a form or median that merges humanity and nature?” This is the issue that should inform the rest of the paper

Please do not get it confused with “Architecture working in harmony with nature” and all the eco and sustainable design topics

Begin with an interesting almost story telling style introduction followed by an interesting but quite peculiar case study. The case study is important and must be included

In the paper:
do not objectify nature
don’t put nature on a pedestal
What actually is nature? Nature is something else…

However in the main body of the thesis do include some writing in ways we can work with nature as well, e.g. bionics and biomimicry etc.

General outline of the structure

Please include objects of study summarizing the subject indicating the main objects of study.

Any interpretive ideas introducing the main theoretical and other intellectual ideas.

Any academic context identifying other works already completed by other historians and theorists and note how my work is different.

Methodology, the procedure I will be adopting

The main argument is the most important part of the thesis investigating the architecture according to the questions and ideas that I pose

Include section linking, link each section with the next, guide the reader through the writing. Could include linking paragraphs at the end or beginning of each section. Very quickly summarizing where my investigation has got to, and where it is going next.

Each or most paragraphs should contain a distinct thought and should lead on to the next.

Make sure you always refer to the subject, deploy ideas and arguments that are relevant to my interpretation. Could write about a specific illustration or quotation.
Twist the conclusion, leave it open ended

Illustrations are important in this thesis and should be used.
Could be a plan, section, elevation, an interior or exterior view? A conceptual sketch or diagram?, a map or site plan?, a photograph with people giving a sense of social use. Match the right illustration with the appropriate text and argument.

Correct Harvard referencing should be deployed throughout

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