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Meet The Parents Film Analysis through Evring Goffman’s Key Concepts

Paper instructions:
Paper needs to be at least 4 pages double spaced.
Specifically, the paper needs to be theoretical in manner in accordance to Ben Stiller’s character that illustrates virtually all of the concepts and processes central to Goffman’s Presentation of Self in his attempts to impress his fiancé’s father. Document Greg Focker’s “performance” of self as he engages in the “arts of impression management.”

Try to write the paper with a main overreaching point, while correlating smaller key terms and concepts.

Task and Purpose:
Your papers should use each film as a vehicle for discussing the most relevant concepts, ideas, or theories covered throughout the course. Be sure to define specific concepts and describe how examples from the film illustrate the particular concept you are discussing. Create a strong argument and structure for your paper that applies theory to the film. Your discussion of examples from the film should present a clear and concise picture of a social world that your reader has no experience of, such that anyone reading your paper can clearly grasp your argument and your use of the film as an illustration.
Format: Papers are not expected to be “film reviews” in the strictest sense, though they may incorporate certain features of traditional film analyses. Because they are “tests” of your comprehension and mastery over theoretical principles, the format should be analytical, academic, and sociological. Technical requirements: 4-6 pages, double-spaced (please do not manipulate font size or margins to meet length requirements). Proper in-text citation of course materials is expected. If outside sources are used, please submit a complete bibliography. Evaluation: A good analysis should: 1) incorporate and accurately discuss the most relevant course content, 2) be well organized and articulate so that sentences are fluent (flow), and 3) be free of grammatical error. The best analyses will have a clearly stated thesis around which the entire paper is structured and a complex argument that focuses on a specific conceptual theme prominent in the theorist’s work (i.e. “office spaces: the irrationality of the modern bureaucratic iron cage” or “merchants of cool: disciplinary mechanisms of the simulacrum”).


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