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Managing Change Paper Part 2

Project description
Introduction and conclusion 5-7 PowerPoint slide presentation on Managing Change Paper Part 2 on Facebook including references and speaker notes
Please do introduction and conclusion in presentation.

d directly deducted from an employees salary keeping in line with making the service as “no hassle” as possible for the employee

•    Your essay should conclude with a discussion of how the product can grow and develop in the future.  Again, this is an opportunity to draw on theory, for

example, relating your discussion to the product life cycle or the Ansoff Matrix.
The Qatar Foundation Vision states “Qatar Foundation leads Human, Economic, and Social Development of Qatar, making Qatar a nation that can be a vanguard for

productive change in the region and a role model for the international community” The hopes would be that other organizations in the state of Qatar would see what we

are doing and try and adopt something similar.
Not all companies are blessed with the same sports and recreation facilities as Qatar Foundation. However Qatar Foundation is working towards an open campus and with

this in mind corporate deals on membership to other organizations could be granted and the same service offered to other companies. This is also in line with the Qatar

Sports Sector Strategy of “improved and integrated planning for community sport facilities”

Marking criteria
The first marking criterion relates to the product idea.  Therefore, we are looking at the quality of the product idea and how well the need for the product or service

is justified.  This justification may be theoretical or more practical, for example, based on an analysis of the market or from primary research findings among the

target market.
The second marking criterion concerns the discussion and justification of the target market, the brand identity and the launch strategy.  As such, you need to ensure

that you not only cover all of these areas comprehensively but that your arguments are robust and coherent, showing clear understanding of how to launch a new sports

product or service.
The third marking criterion relates to the piece of marketing communications that you are asked to produce.  This is assessed in terms of its suitability to the target

market and product as well as in terms of whether it is informed by theory, such as literature on what makes a good advert or press release.
Suggested and ideal reference list:


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