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Part 3 of the Management plan addresses “Classroom Instructional Procedures.” This section includes responses to some specific questions.
The first 6 questions are focused on teaching plans and procedures. One question addresses how you incorporate multiple intelligence (differentiated instruction) in your classroom. The last question focuses on your assessment policies. There is useful information in the videos and readings included in the videos and readings section.
Make sure to answer each question.
Classroom Instructional Procedures
• How are your lessons structured?
• How do your lessons start and finish?
• How do you teach in a large group setting? (Ideas to include in your response: teacher-centered or student-centered, how would you check for student understanding, classroom management strategies)
• How do you divide students into small group instruction or for a circle time?
• What strategies do use to get their attention back to lesson and you?
• How would you pace your lesson?
• What are your strategies to use multiple intelligences in your lessons to meet the needs of all students? Give an example. How do you plan to assess and share results with students? Do you plan to share graded tests at the start of a class or the end of the class? Do you plan to post scores on the class portal? Do you plan to make the assessment available to parents? Why or why not?

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