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  1. What is Judee Burgoon’s definition of theory? Why does the author find it interesting?
  2. What is an informed hunch?
  3. How does this textbook define communication?
  4. What is a text?
  5. What is at the core of communication study?
  6. Explain the creation of messages in your own words.
  7. Define polysemic.
  8. What is a relational process in communication?
  9. What does it mean to elicit a response?
    A. Griffin, Ledbetter, and Sparks’ working definition of communication is: “The relational process of creating and interpreting messages that elicit a response.” What do you appreciate most about this definition? What part of the definition would you change?
    B. The chapter presents nets, lenses, and maps as metaphors for understanding theory. After reviewing these metaphors, think of other objects as metaphors that help us understand how theories work. For this portion of the written discussion: (A) Identify and describe the object. (B) Explain how the object can be seen as a metaphor for theory.

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