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Hydropower in Portugal

Project description
i.Executive summary (the basis for your presentation) _ 200 words
ii.Key words (a selection of 5 words that you consider fully describe the topic and your findings)
iii.Overview of the topic (500 words)
iv.Development of the idea and brief justification of your recommendations (which can be presented as bullet points) (600 words)
v.Reflective analysis and Concluding remarks (200 words)

Illustrative set of paragraphs/sections worth including:

i.A brief overview on the natural resource selected and what may have led people to start using it and trading it, either per se or as a component of a final product;
ii.How the use of that specific natural resource has evolved through time in a specific region (ideally in your own country of origin or the one you most identify yourself with);
iii.How the use of that resource has helped shape trade/businesses through time locally, either as an essential raw material or as a component of the products/services provided by that industry/sector.
iv.What has been the impact on the availability of that same resource through time (e.g. was the resource located in a very specific area of the world or did it exist almost everywhere on Earth when people started using it? Is the resource still available nowadays in those locations, is there a shortage of the resource and is so when and where did it start?)
v.What have been the social impacts of the exploitation of that resource locally and globally? (e.g. apprenticeships, jobs)
vi.What have been the environmental impacts of the trading of the resource (e.g. if it has to be transported from how far and using what types of transport? Or if has to be processed in some way, does the process lead to dust/noise, etc.)
vii.Further considerations on how businesses nowadays perceive the resource and what have they considered doing (if anything at all to help decrease the impacts)
viii.A detailed reflection on how the development of this assignment (identifying the key steps of your research from week one to the presentation day in week 10) has helped you gain further insights on the role of businesses on natural resources and on enhancing quality of life locally and globally.
ix.If you were a business person leading a business that would require the use of this specific resource (either as the resource itself or as a component of any product/service your company were to provide) what would be your recommendations for the company to be sustainable.


Example: Supposing that you chose a specific fur-type (mink for example) as your topic. You found out during the research that many industries make use of mink fur even though it is a highly polemic resource. So, first you would analyse the evolution of that specific fur-type trading in your selected country and compare it with other countries that have the same resource. What have been the trends through history and why? Is the market growing or declining, and why? Are there more sustainable ways of producing the mink fur in the required quality and quantity to meet market demands? Are there any alternatives?


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