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How do alternative energy sources compare to fossil fuels.

Description: How do alternative energy sources compare to fossil fuels, including extraction of rare earth metals and other resources? How will fossil fuel use change
in the near future, and how will that affect the economy? Home and industrial energy usage? Purpose: Science is an ongoing and dynamic process.
Scientific research and discovery are still occurring today, and in ways that are and will affect our everyday lives, potentially even altering the structure
of our government, society, and/or culture as it does so. The purpose of this activity is to explore current events in science, and analyze how new
scientific research is impacting or will impact our society. Your paper should be a minimum of two pages and a maximum of three pages in length. The
format is standard MLA formatting using 1 inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman or Arial font, and double spaced. Approximately half of the paper should
be devoted to a description of the research you are exploring, and the other half should be your analysis of the research, including the impacts this
research may have on society and your life, as well as your own evaluation of the implications of this work and how this research should continue in the
future. The subtitle headings to be used are Introduction (topic description and background, current data, etc), and Discussion (your analysis) Use at
least 3 sources, and cite them using MLA citation format in a works cited page at the end of your paper (not included in the word count), as well as in
text citations citing EACH reference within the paper. In text citations should be included at the end of the sentence where you use your referenced
material, and they are in the following format (author last name, year of publication). Please DO NOT use direct quotes. References CAN be from: 0
Magazines (e.g., Discover, Scientific American, National Geographic, Nature) 0 Newspapers, particularly to find how science relates to ou Wmmmm
Academic websites (e.g., professors describing their research, or university-generated educational materials) 0 Government websites (9


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