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The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate critical appraisal skills at a master’s level. Search the bibliographic databases for a qualitative research article and a Randomized Control Trial that addresses your EBP problem.( Daily wound care/ wound measurement to Hospice patients) . Get preapproval of articles to critique from the Professor.( please find full text article from CINAHL DATABASE WITHIN THE PAST 5 YEARS). Critique each article in no more than two pages, excluding title and reference pages. You may use these critiques in your EBP paper, Chapter 2 Review of Literature. Pictures of the book provided, please include book on reference page.
Read Burns and Grove Chapter 18 ( Chapter 18 of the book provided, please make sure to include book on reference page) and write a critique of each article following the critical appraisal guidelines that includes the three major steps listed on p. 537( CHAPTER 18 PROVIDED )
1. The research elements – Authors, Year, LOE, design, purpose, study variables, sampling, measurement, main results, and findings or conclusions
2. Strengths and Weaknesses – Determine the study strengths and weaknesses
3. Meaning of the Study – Evaluate the credibility, trustworthiness, and meaning of the study for its applicability to your PICOT question. ( PICOT question will
be provided).


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