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History of Western Civilization, North America and French Revolution

have more about the readings below or I will have a bad grade I need you to talk about the readings more and use them as resources rather than the ones already in the paper. Need the paper to follow the instructions exactly as stated below.

Paper is one essay of 2000 words summarizing the readings of Revolutions in North America and France, Readings Week 2 (Greer-Lewis 446-471)

Can only use this reading for the majority of the paper, other resources just a few.

Paper must be single space. Please use your own words and sentences. All quotations must be short and limited in number, and put between ìÖî followed by author and page in parenthesis (ex.: Greer-Lewis 455).

Need book, pages are (Greer-Lewis 446-471)
– Thomas H. Greer – Gavin Lewis, A Brief History of the Western World, Volume II: Since 1300, 9th Edition, Wadsworth Publishing 2005.
– Dennis Sherman, Western Civilization: Sources, Images, and Interpretations, from the Renaissance to the Present, McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages, 5th ed. and following.

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