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You have been hired, as a Head Personal Trainer, by a local gym. The Gym contains a consistent membership base of 1,000 members. Your primary job is to
design and implement a for profit personal training program. Currently the gym offers memberships that include use of the facilities and access to all Group
Fitness Classes but no personal training for members. Your program must include a personal training program mission statement, number of necessary
personal trainers, your job descriiption as head personal trainer, staff personal trainers’ job descriiptions, staff personal trainer’s hiring process, and a payroll
criteria – for trainers: how you will record personal training sessions, collect funds for personal training sessions completed, and distribute trainer’s cut of
personal training fee. Provide an overview of gym’s facilities. You must also provide a daily trainer work schedule covering all hours the gym is open, a
member fitness assessment protocol – including sample beginner workout, and a private personal training client assessment protocol – including a sample
workout for a specific client. (You may not use a client or a plan from a previous course.)
The owner of the gym desires to gain additional profit from her members. Be sure to explain in detail the profits that will be gained through your program. You
will also need to establish a personal training program marketing plan. This is in addition to the gym’s marketing plan. In this scenario you get to choose what
is in your gym. The only restrictions are that it already includes group fitness and basic cardio and resistance equipment. Remember to choose a specific
location and define your clientele using actual demographics and specifically those demographics that are included in the 1,000 current gym members. Your
plan is to be submitted to the owner (your instructor) of the facility for review.

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