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  1. Discuss Group Beta Streptococcus (GBS).
    a. what sort of organism is GBS?
    b. how prevalent is GBS infection in the population?
    c. where does GBS reside in the body?
    d. what are the possible effects of GBS infection, for a client during pregnancy and postpartum, and for the newborn?
    e. what is EOGBSD in newborns? how common is it?
    f. at what point in pregnancy do we swab for GBS? why this point?
    g. does your community offer routine screening for GBS in pregnancy?
    h. before screening for GBS, do clients in your community pursue any home remedies to “test negative”? why?
    i. after screening positive for GBS, do clients in your community pursue any alternative remedies for treatment or prevention for passing on to newborns?
    j. after screening positive for GBS, what antibiotic treatments do you offer clients pursuing homebirths in your community?
    k. what are the pros and cons to knowing your GBS status?
  2. Explain as you would to a client the step-by-step instructions for properly self-collecting a GBS swab sample.
  3. If GBS bacteriuria is detected in urine in pregnancy, do you still swab for GBS before birth?
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