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Final Examination

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Compulsory Case Study Question (50 marks)
You are required to answer ALL parts of the two questions below. The worth of each question is indicated after the question and in the table below. The total mark allocated is 50.
Question 1.
Select a firm (small or large, domestic or global) other than Starbucks or any airline, including Qantas and Southwest Airlines. Write a 400 word (max 400 words) synopsis of the firm’s key current strategic components. No marks will be given if you write on Starbucks, Qantas, Southwest or any other airline.
(4 marks)
Question 2.
Suppose you are being interviewed for the position of Director of Strategic Planning and that as part of the interview process, you are to make a 20 minute presentation with an additional 10 mins for questions, followed by a 5 minute conclusion or pitch for the position. The selection panel, as well as relevant staff members will attend your presentation.
You are to write a 1250 word (1250 word maximum) presentation and you are to provide 8 to 10 power points to accompany your presentation (maximum of 10). The power points must be in a font that is no smaller than Times Roman 22 (you may use larger). The conclusion (see below) will be a maximum of 200 words.
2.1 For your 1250 word presentation, you have been asked to include the following key areas:
a. An analysis of your chosen firm’s industry environment and how it may influence strategy development and implementation.
b. An analysis of your chosen firm’s resources and capabilities and their importance in generating value-creating strategy for competitive advantage.
c. How you would use that knowledge to formulate, consolidate or change strategies (business-level, corporate-level, co-operative, international, etc) at your chosen firm to drive competitive advantage (be sure to draw on relevant core theoretical strategic management concepts and to apply them to your chosen firm).
(30 marks)
2.2 For the power point presentation you must not exceed ten and should use a font no smaller than 22 (you may use larger).
(3 marks)
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2.3 For the question period, anticipate two (2) questions that your audience might ask you and provide a 150 word response to each of the two questions (maximum of 150 words per question; 300 in total). Be sure to write down each of the questions, as well as your response to each one. You may use some dot points for your responses to the questions.
(8 marks)
2.4 For the conclusion, given your studies in your graduate (Masters etc) program, provide a five minute conclusion (200 words maximum) to your presentation on what value your leadership of the strategic planning department will add to the success and reputation of your chosen firm. The purpose here is to demonstrate how and why you will bring a strong analytical foundation, innovative and creative insights and business opportunities within societal values, to the role of Director of Strategic Planning.
(5 marks)


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