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Read: Robson & McCartan: Chapters 6 – 8

Watch: Research Design (in 3 Minutes)

Watch: Telling a Complete Story with Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

Watch: Chapter 7 Elements of Research Design


Watch: Chapter 17 Qualitative Data Analysis


Watch: Chapter 15 Quantitative Data Analysis


Watch: Chapter 11 Experimental Designs

  1. Describe the three designs and when is it appropriate to use each design? How are the designs similar? How are the designs different?
  2. What specific methods are related to each of these designs?
  3. What design (fixed, flexible, mixed), method (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-method), and method design (i.e. correlational, case study, phenomenology, etc.) is most appropriate to address your proposed research problem from Week 2? Provide a rationale for why you believe it is the most appropriate.
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