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Executive decision

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Assignment 1
•    Answer these discussion forum questions
•    Should be only 300 words
•    Use critical thinking analysis
•    Should be uploaded draft after 30 hrs please as tutor has asked for draft of only assignment 1
Q1.Required Discussion: What Steps Can You Take to Obtain Unbiased Data?
I have seen used for significant, high risk, high investment decisions. To achieve unbiased data you separate the responsibility for defining and obtaining the data from the decision making process itself.
What do you think about that idea?  Do you see disadvantages as well as advantages?
All Students,
Some self analysis as your answer this discussion question. Many leaders are noted as being one of four types:
1. A change agent
2. Political analyst
3. Consensus builder
4. Political leader
1. What type of leader should you be to ensure that you are successful with decision making?
2. What type of leader are you and are you trying to develop or change who you are? What makes you successful at work? Should you align with the same type of person that way everyone is thinking alike when decisions have to be made?
3. What do you want from others when decisions have to be made? What have you experienced from others in the past?

Assignment 2

Required Discussion: How Do You Make Decisions When Issues are Complex?
Should be 300 words
Should be uploaded in 48 hrs to allow me negotiate with my classmates in  discussion forum .

Assignment 3
due  3 days
write 4 pages paper

Write a 4 page paper describing an executive decision from your experience (past or current). Discuss the time and quality factors that influenced the decision. Would any of the formal methods described in this course be appropriate to use in making this decision? Why or why not? If the decision was made in the past, tell how it was actually made. Would using a formal method have yielded a different result? If yes, explain.
After you have completed the project, save it using the filename “lsm506_evalacompdec_abc”, where “abc” is your initials. Then click the “Submit Assignment” button on the right of this page to attach your file to send it to your instructor.


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