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Watch the following videos on evolution, taxonomy and phylogeny and understand how they are related to one another. Then, read the following scientific article by Donley et al. (2004) (see part 6 and 7 File) and answer
The pap3r discusses similarities between lamnid sharks and tunas. Lamnids, sharks belonging to the family Lamnidae such as Carcharodon carcharias and Isurus oxyrinchus

  1. All have which taxonomic groupings in common?
  2. Explain the concept of convergent evolution as discussed in the article.
    a. Provide a correctly cited example of one other pap3r that discusses convergent evolution between these taxonomic groups.
    Scientific literature often involves approaching complicated topics with terms or concepts you have never encountered before.
  3. Provide an example of something the article you found interesting but were unfamiliar with prior to reading.
    a. Discuss ways you find it helpful to approach these complex subjects when reading a pap3r.
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