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ethics The Las Vegas strip

Project description
Ethics Question 30 Points

The Las Vegas strip! What a perfect place to work. Monica is a data analyst for the Hondo Casino. She?s also a computer geek and gadget freak. Hondo?s backrooms are jammed with all sorts of old and experimental computers, connectors, wires, software and hardware. Hondo encourages its employees to ?play? with these electronic toys for the purpose of keeping the IT staff sharp and discovering new ways of monitoring the casino.
When Monica was hired, she signed Hondo?s regular HR disclosure document which advised her that employees are under video surveillance during working hours. The document also required her to promise that she will not engage in gambling activities while employed by Hondo.
Monica?s job is so much fun, she has to remind herself that Hondo is a casino, where large sums of cash is handled while cheating and theft is always a threat.
To complete a project that?s due Monday morning, Monica is working alone on Saturday morning. To her surprise, she is missing data from the Bank of America that had been mistakenly emailed to Tori, a coworker.
Not to worry. Monica has been ?playing? with Hondo?s electronic toys and has built her own private surveillance network which monitors every personal computer in the building. The monitors in Monica?s network are composed of various spy gear she build from Hondo?s equipment. The spy equipment is:

1. A power cord. The power cord does in fact power the PC, but with Monica?s special equipment, it tracks all keyboard activity.
2. Post-it holder. It does hold a pad of post-it notes but it ?observes?, too. It?s mounted on the left, right, to or bottom of the screen and it received its power from a small photovoltaic cell. The holder houses a smart camera which repositions itself to record keyboard and screen activity simultaneously.
3. Desk Fan. In the middle of the fan?s cowl is camera which dynamically positions itself to monitor the keyboard and screen activity. This spy unit operates whether the fan is on or off, as it uses photovoltaic cell for power.
4. Pen and Pencil set. The equipment in the pen set operates much like the desk fan except that in addition to monitory the keyboard and screen, it contains a microphone and records all conversation a 5-10 foot radius.

Using a wireless network installed by Monica, all of her spy devices transmit what they pick-up to a Monica?s PC. By searching her surveillance records, she should easily obtain Tori?s password.
Monica was successful. She logged onto Tori?s PC and forwarded the Bank of America data to her own email address. Before logging off, Monica noticed an email in Tori?s inbox titled ?NOW MAN – I Want My Money NOW!? Curious, she determines the email is from a local sports bookmaker called Fingers, demanding Tori pay his current and back bets which collective exceed $122,000.
Monica knows she should report Tori?s gambling but she would have to admit to her manager that she violated the company?s regulations against unauthorized access to Tori?s computer. She?s also concerned she?ll be ?caught?operating a secret surveillance network. She has told no one about her inventions and her network. Monica has had thoughts that she should tell Tori to stop gambling.

Monica is frustrated and scared. She does not want to lose her job, she asks you to help her get out of this mess.
Use the ethics checklist to help resolve this dilemma.
It a turn-it-in link labeled ? ethic dilemma?


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