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A company is looking into its employee attrition rates (i.e., it is trying to know when and why an employee decides to leave the company). This would help the company to improve its business environment accordingly so that it can hold on to its best employees.
In this project, you will need to evaluate each factor and its relationship with attrition, for example, the employee age, or the job role and its impact on attrition, etc. For the data set, use the attached excel file.
Individual Project III
1.0 1. Scope and Objectives
Clarify the scope of the project. Limit one to two paragraphs.

2.0 Methodology
2.1 Tools/Analytics
• Mention the tools and techniques used to analyze the data
• Explain how the data used addresses the analysis or research
Initial analysis statement
• In brief explain how you set up your analysis method and validate your regression model
• Mention the ideas/ opportunities that your analysis can propose to the company
Key Points Grade allocation
Format (font type, size, tables, charts) 20
Analysing all factors (10)
Analysing all data (10)
Having a regression analysis (10)
Having charts (5)
Data discussion (10)

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