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Distribution strategies and analysis of Godiva Chocolates and luxury services they offer.

The paper should relate to the distribution strategies in the luxury sector that they have in hand and how it aligns with the luxury sector and sustainable development while mentioning the value chain and the supply chain analysis.

Keywords – 5 keywords (just write the heading and i will edit it later).

Introduction – 500 words, 3 pages, should capture the topic in all possible dimension

Background – 500 words, history/genesis/ evolution until most recent application

Literature review and industry scan – 2000 words (approx. 5-10 pages) across length and breadth

Research problem/issue/objectives

Research methodologies – novel or existing tool in a new application/problem, 1-2 pages

Analysis – 1000-1500 words, 4-5 pages, regional/country analysis, logistics industry analysis, competitive analysis/ design and optimization distribution strategies of high symbolic luxury products and services

Managerial implications – recommendations/ implications for about 500 words

Conclusion – Findings, limitations, future extensions for about 500 words

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