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In this first reflective assignment, I want you to provide a description and analysis of how death haunts us. The description and analysis will involve a focus on a character (or characters) from film, TV, or literature. In particular, the description and analysis revolve around the struggles and conflicts that the person experiences as he/she attempts to deal with death and its haunting nature.

You are free to discuss any aspect of how death surrounds us and the haunting nature of death as long as you first, provide an introduction to the paper that informs the reader what your paper will be about, who you will be writing about, and how death has a significant impact on the person about whom you write.

Second, I would like you to incorporate selective concepts or ideas from class (your choice), readings, or your own imagination that can inform your analysis. You are also free to borrow from other sources—but remember to cite or give credit to any source from which you borrow.

Third, provide a substantial conclusion to the paper that answers the broad question: how does the reality of death in and of itself have an impact on the way we view life? There are no absolute answers to this question—feel free to be as interpretative as you can be.

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