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Respond to the below classmate forum post taken from a Crisis Communications course and perspective of a fellow classmate. The objective is to acknowledge the correct portions and give positive constructive criticism regarding the answers of the fellow classmates response to these forum questions within the scenarios described below:
The classmate has to: With the Textbook Kathleen Fearn-Banks , Crisis Communications, 4th ed READ Chapters 8, 9, & pages 310-313.
The Yuhan-Kimberly crisis began online and was fought online. Consider in your response the methods of communication that would be most effective and what key messages you would communicate.

1. If parents in the United States objected to blogs on a similar problem, what could crisis communicators do to insure the safety of babies?
2. What does the spokesman mean when he said, in his conclusion, “Approach with a human face is the basic part of crisis communication?”

3. Pick a possibly preventable crisis in a local company and discuss how a campaign could be developed to prevent the occurrence. (Check chapter 16, “The Crisis Communications Plan.”)
The crisis communicators are going to need to do many things to insure the safety of these babies. The need for someone to ensure the public that has all the knowledge to believe that the crisis isn’t as big as it really was. People need to believe that the harm that might come from something like this is not as bad as it seems. So in situations like this it is best if everything is out in the open and then it can be fixed rather than people being lied to.

I believe that he meant that it is better to deal with things on a more personal level then speaking through words on a computer. Nothing beats telling someone something that could have a harmful effect in person not having to read it online somewhere. The ideal thing to do is give a press conference or tell people in an intimate setting, so having to read things online makes it that much worse. I’ve always been told that face to face is far worse than having to read it online or hear it from someone else. The quote straight from the horse’s mouth seems appropriate here.

A possibly preventable crisis in a local company would or could be some sort of problem with a product that they have and it being discovered that the product doesn’t do what it is promised to do because of some sort of chemical imbalance. A campaign could be developed to prevent the occurrence for many different reasons. The campaign is used to different situations in mind that could happen and ways to prevent them and clean them up if it needed to happen. Campaigns need to be the ones that help get the facts straight and help clean up any issues that may be arising from the situation.

The specific campaign I would use in this type of instance would be one that focuses on the positives of the product and how to ensure that it is still safe to be used. I would almost use a sense of back pedaling and protecting the consumers of the company and the specific product. I say that because the focus needs to be taken off the negatively that has been presented. So a campaign turns that negativity around and sheds positive thoughts and focus on the good of the product or company. While the below is a sort of press release and a campaign rolled in one I decided to state what it would seem like to the public eye if something were to happen. Now while I’m sure it’s not written the way it should be or following the cardinal rules of a press release or campaign the main thing I wanted to focus on is the fact the problem was addressed and how the campaign and company is going to be used to figure out the problem if there really is one.

“Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I am Ms. Jones from Davis Nails. We have recently received information stating that several of our clients have been getting fungal infections and the reasons aren’t very clear. Let me be the first to tell you our salon is safe and we use the highest in cleaning solutions for our utensils when the products are doing being used on a customer. We wish to ensure you that there are other personal factors of the customers that might be contributing to their issues. While we will take full responsibility of the problem if it is our fault we will be conducting further research into these problems. Thank you for your careful understanding of the situation and we hope that you will come see the cleanliness of our salon soon.”


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