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Final Project
For your final project you will write a communications plan for a 2016 presidential primary candidate.
You will outline your goals, audiences and messages as well as your paid, earned, hybrid, social and owned media strategy. You should also include an overview of the tactics you will pursue in support of this strategy. Be clear about the actions you want to take and the desired outcomes of these actions.

Note: This is not a full campaign plan. Your project does not need to include voter turnout targets, fundraising strategy or staffing plans.
Required Elements (Please include these concepts within the body of the paper):
1. Your candidate’s brand
2. Their appeal to voters
3. What is the narrative and how will you try and frame the race?
4. Path to victory including early primary/caucus states
5. A review of the national political climate and how it impacts primary voters in the early primary states.
6. What are the top outside influences (the news media, Super PAC’s…) going to be on your message & strategy?
7. Who are your allies and what can they do to help?
8. Assessment against the others who may run (focus on top 5)
9. Identify Strengths and Weakness (yours and others)
10. Explain who is the frontrunner NOW and why
11. Your targeted media engagement strategy. Note – this should not be broad strokes only. This should include key media targets across all platforms.
12. The media will compare this race to previous races. You must be mindful of that. Provide a historical perspective (either as a section or within sections of your paper) and lessons learned in 2008 and 2012 campaigns. What worked and what failed and why? What does this mean to your strategy?

Important: You are running within a party structure so your message must work within a political ideology.

*(Times New Roman font, Size 12, 1.5 line spacing, 1 inch margins).

*Remember – in today’s communication’s environment, hard work and creativity win. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

*In this assignment, you need write a plan that builds upon the five communication goals that I’m going to attach. I need you to turn in an assignment to me that includes the use of “actual real-time analytics”

*You need to think about the whole picture here and turn in work that forms the foundation of the paper you are going to write. What do you think Hillary Clinton needs to do to win the primary and the presidency? What goals can you set forth and then write a plan to support them?

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