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Chinese Art Painting Research Paper

Here are some hints for writing
This is Chinese Art Painting Research Paper. Try your best to find the official or org references/sources. If you can’t find anything or can’t write this paper, contact me first ASAP. Be careful with plagiarize and grammar. This paper will be uploaded to TurnItIn.com. Ignore the number of Sources I choose below. Cite the number of sources as you can find.
Please write a research paper toChinese paintings named “Hanshan and Shide” . The images and basic information have been provided in Word files which I uploaded. Only can use the sources from official or org website or books. Chicago style. When you writing painting, for example, you can explore or describe the painting style differences or similarities between Yuan dynasty and Ming dynasty, and apply on these two set of paintings to say how their painting style has been changed over the time. The “Hanshan and Shide” by Yan Hui is a Chan painting, but the “Hanshan, Shide, Hama, and Tieguai” bu Liu Jun is a combination of Chan and Buddhist painting. When you write this paintings, please list or describe in details; such as the typical elements of Chan or Buddhist which were painted in painting, history, background, story behind the painting, painting style, what material did painting painted on, why used different materials, what kind of color used, or any reasons or stuff you think can write. You can also describe the details and particulars in the paintings; and explain why the artist painted in that way. Since it is a short 4 page research paper, please be more specific on one thing when you compare or contrast. Do not write everything too general or broadly. Once again, please try to avoid too much your personal opinions, and must cite from official references. However, a few personal opinions are okay if the sentences like “I like which painting; Why I like it; Which dynasty painting style I like more; or etc.” Last important thing, the paper will be upload into TurnItIn.com. Please be very very careful with plagiaze and grammar.


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