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MBA program

Assume that you are nearing graduation of your MBA program and have applied for a job with a local bank. As part of the bank’s evaluation process, you have been asked to take an examination that covers several financial analysis techniques. The first section of...

Gang prevention programs

discuss I believe street gangs pose a greater threat to society over outlaw motorcycle gangs. -Keep in mind, I live in an area where street gangs are predominate more in the news, Which helps me draw towards this conclusion and based on my local experience. Los...

Security Training Program

The policies that you have created and modified have received final approval from management. You have been asked to do the following: Develop a security training program for the staff to ensure that the updated and new policies are fully understood.For this...

The basics of Python, SAS, R, and SQL.

There are various languages, some are better for data visualization than others. Please review the basics of Python, SAS, R, and SQL. What are the qualities of each language regarding data visualization (select at least two to compare and contrast)? What are the pros...
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