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The pregnant woman and her request

The ethical dilemma that you should focus on is the scenario of the pregnant woman and her request to have her tubes tied.This video can be found in a number of areas including Hulu and ABC.go. The links below share a summary and transcripts of the episode.•...

Digital Ethics

Select two maverick storiesa) analyze the digital ethics pitfalls associated with these stories- explain in detail by mapping the statements of the story to the ethical implications;b) how is the word of God (from the Bible) placed in these specific scenarios?Maverick...

Ethical Dilemmas

Answer questions attached based of scenario in APA format Scenario: Mr. Jameson is in end-stage renal failure. Despite efforts to help manage the disease, including dialysis three times weekly, his condition has worsened. Mr. Jameson’s physician has noted the...

Personal struggles with religion and ethics

St. Augustine in the 5th Century held that we are free to make choices in life. This is the idea of free will. It may seem at first glance odd for a religious thinker to say that we have free will. After all, if God exists, then God created all things. God knows...
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