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Select two from the numerated ethical theories and apply them to the ethical dilemma below. Note well: this is not an invitation for you to tell me how you personally would respond, but rather what a person whose professed ethical theory corresponds to your choices...

Ethics-Focused” Organizational Culture Activity

  Healthcare leaders face countless ethical issues. In this activity, you will describe ways that public health leaders can effectively promote an “ethics-focused” organizational culture. Instructions Provide a 1-page description of 3 ways that public...

Corporate ethics

Corporate ethics have been the focus of increased attention in recent years. Many companies have looked to their HR team to develop a comprehensive ethics policy. You are tasked with developing an ethics policy for a jewelry company. After meeting with the CEO, you...

Utilitarianism and Universal Ethics

      You work in the Ethics Department for ABC Company (ABC). Your department is dedicated to advising its employees about their ethical obligations in the corporate setting. All communications you receive in this capacity are confidential. Luke, an employee of ABC,...
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