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Business law

In Sawyer v. Mills, 295 S. W. 3d 79, 2009 Ky. Lexis 195 (Supreme Court of Kentucky) a paralegal who had been orally promised a bonus of $1,065,000 was deprived of the bonus in a dispute because no written agreement existed as to the bonus as would have been required...

Business Tort of Negligence

Dewayne, a driver for Speedy Delivery Company, leaves the truck’s motor running in neutral and carelessly forgets to set the parking brake while making a delivery. The truck rolls and crashes into a nearby gas station pump, igniting a fire that spreads quickly...

Legal Aspects of Marketing

Go through the chapter and list each of Fan’s ideas to capitalize on the success of her beloved Aces baseball team during their World Series run. In class, go through each situation and discuss the legality of each of her ideas. Consider how a court would likely side...

Business law question

Assume that an unfair labor practice charge was filed against your company by several current employees and three prospective employees. On July 29, 2016, Delphi Golf, Inc. and the union entered a collective bargaining agreement. The majority of the company’s...

Duncan v. Louisiana, 88 S. Ct. 1444

After reading the opinion Duncan v. Louisiana, 88 S. Ct. 1444, (1968), explain the following: Which Constitutional amendment is at issue in the case, and what is the importance of the rights it encompasses?What did the United States Supreme Court decide in this case...
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